"Jim Morrison" Concho Belt

***** Please note:  After creating one 'replica' of the 'Morrison Belt', Cippy decided he would not make another.   While this belt is no longer available,  Cippy occasionally makes his own version of the 'Morrison Concho Belt'; it is similar to this design but smaller.  You can see two versions here.

During the late 60's when The Doors were at the height of their fame, Jim Morrison purchased a 'concho belt' from Wayne and Irma Bailey of Albuquerque.  Cippy's father, Joe H. Quintana, was the maker of this famous belt.  No one knows exactly what happened to the original after Morrison's untimely death, but recently there has been considerable interest in The Doors and Jim Morrison, including some serious collectors attracted to the 'Morrison Concho Belt'.  Cippy has been making a 'Limited Edition Jim Morrison Concho Belt' that is as close as possible to the original in design, using the same 'stamps' used by his late father. For more information on this limited edition series, please contact: